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Big pizza buffet to join what conditions need to be met

what kind of food are self-service management form, even if we love pizza is no exception, if there is such a good pizza would you be madly in love with it, the big pizza buffet is an absolutely won’t let you disappoint pizza brand.

big pizza company is an Italian style pizza buffet chain. Entered Beijing in 2002, and in the same year registered as Beijing international catering management limited liability company. In 2003, China officially became a member of the chain management association, currently has a number of direct and joined the restaurant in the country.

Beagle pizza buffet to join what conditions need to be met?

big restaurant is Italian leisure restaurant operating popular Western-style food. The pizza buffet, Zero run and take away. Delicate and delicious, rich and varied more than 100 kinds of food for customers at any time to take unlimited; leisure romantic environment, warm and thoughtful service to allow customers to feel relaxed and unrestrained. Full open type kitchen in the stage, so that customers place in the hometown of Naples pizza town of Italy, and enjoy all kinds of delicious food, while enjoying the process of making pizza; Beagle "pizza", can let the chef tailor-made customer favorite pizza chef, and can accept the professional guidance, do it yourself DIY pizza.

The effects of

on the Beagle company mode independently and fully, have a complete understanding of business prospects and risks of Beagle pizza buffet, willing to engage in business activities in the unified Beijing international catering management limited liability company’s business model, became a franchisee.

Beagle pizza buffet restaurant franchise:

1. big corporate culture identity;

2. will be big as their career, and devoted management;

3. obey the headquarters of the unified management, willing to accept the headquarters training plan;

4. has the ability to manage finance;

5. franchise store area of 350-600 square meters;

6. is able to recruit managers and employees who are required to operate in accordance with


7. with independent management and strong interpersonal skills;

8. have good credit, funds obtained legally, for investment in Beagle special funds shall not be less than 3 million yuan (not including rental business and employee costs).

if you meet the above big self >

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