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Cost analysis of opening dessert shop

dessert store is certainly necessary to invest a certain amount of capital costs, the specific needs in what areas to spend money? Many novice is not very clear. Xiaobian finishing the relevant information, hoping to help you find the right direction of development, control costs, ready to work.

The price of

, is adapt to the popular price, each bowl dessert price of about 2~5 yuan, add egg cakes, cake, by the customer to decide, do not engage matchmaker, otherwise easily lead to dissatisfaction. Varieties, not Tandaqiuquan, if you are a person, when the boss man, so seven or eight varieties is enough for your busy. If there is a help collection, do chores, then more than a dozen varieties is enough. If there is a helper to three or four people, more than 20 kinds of varieties should be so.

business strategy

cheap, variety is very important, but the key is still taste. All concerned with the food industry, pay attention to the taste of customers, to attract repeat customers with their own special flavor. Sometimes it is sold the dessert cooking again, the owner must have lost their first taste the flavor, if poor taste, simply drained, so as not to sell bad signs, because the cost of dessert is limited, do not lose the greater.

cost tables and chairs, bowls, spoons, kitchen utensils, raw materials, disinfection and other aspects of the refusal of the store prepaid rent plus expenses, the cost of the opening of the estimated cost of about 6000~8000 yuan. Limited funds can act as their own, or called parents, relatives help. Disinfection cabinet can not save this device, it should be placed in a conspicuous place in the store, because it is necessary for health work. Customers see Xiaoduwangui, can also have a sense of security. Purchase of a full set of equipment requires about 3000 yuan. In total costs, rent, kitchen appliances, spending accounted for the majority, and the raw materials used for desserts are beans, sugar and other agricultural and sideline products, low price, 1000 yuan can cope with dozens of days of consumption.

to do the catering industry are very clear, dessert cost is very low, the price is to shop in a residential area should be lower, because of the need to repeat business, not too hard; in the business district shop can be raised prices for some shopping, because people are often willing to spend money to satisfy their appetites. Dessert gross margin remained difficult in 40%~50%, each bowl dessert profit between 1~2 yuan. A 15 square meter dessert shop, the monthly income can reach 4500~7000 yuan.

open dessert stores, so that operators can tap the industry’s unlimited business opportunities. Shop investment, how to control costs? The above is the necessary expenditure items analysis, I hope to help the franchisee to do the preparatory work, if you do not understand, please continue to consult, Xiao Bian will try to answer!

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