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After the successful start of laid off workers actively help laid off workers Ding Quanfu

Ding Quanfu laid off after, through the help of the government, participated in the training, by doing cleaning work, made a wealth of business, now he no longer have to worry about the economy, but after the success of him, never forget the public welfare undertakings, always in whatever circumstances, for more weak service.

in the work of the old Ding always set an example, Qinliqinwei, to encourage, try to protect the interests of employees. At the point of service, where not enough manpower, where the service is not standard, he is without demur overalls and they worked together at noon, put their own money for employees to solve the problem of lunch. The staff was wronged at work, he always listened to the patient after work, and sometimes his staff lost his temper he never angry.

beam is Lin Mei Bai Bu Jie community grew up with physical disabilities, to supplement the family income, perennial rely on the disabled car showmanship at the end of 2009, Suzhou city comprehensive renovation "three car", the illegal operation of disabled car was banned, she suddenly lost the source of life, the home also has a university in reading to raise her daughter. Ding Quanfu understand the situation, take the initiative to find the community is willing to provide jobs for liang. Now, Ding Quanfu has officially signed a labor contract with Liang Lin Mei and pay the endowment insurance for her, to solve the beam aunt menace from the rear.

for many from the University come out "are compared with Ding Quanfu God’s favored one" has the condition is almost zero, but now he has embarked on a successful venture through, but also made a huge contribution to the society, whether you from Ding Quanfu’s pioneering example, what to learn?

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