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Five questions to be solved before choosing a clothing store

is now on the market, selling clothing business investors very much, the market competition is very fierce, how to have a good sales, is the most critical store location choice, so before choosing a clothing store to figure out what the problem?

"pulse" clothing shops a lot of information, investors in the "pulse", from the following aspects, collection, analysis, induction, reasoning, and judgment.

clothing store choice: a level of shops where regional economic development level, it is related to the income level of regional population, regional population consumption ability is strong and weak.

clothing store choice: four shops in the total number of shops within the business relationship between supply and demand, supply and demand affect the price of shops.

clothing store choice five: shops of their own conditions. Shops on their own conditions for the applicability of the business is very poor, a lot of obstacles to the shop, then the use of shops prices are low, adverse impact on the prices of shops, the value of the shops to increase the value of space.

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