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One plus one clothing store is how to become the company’s development of small workshops

start empty-handed really possible? A small shop can continue to develop, eventually become a company? These countless entrepreneurs seem to feel unbelievable things, however, one plus one clothing store has achieved this miracle. So, one plus one clothing store is how small workshop to develop into the company?

10 years ago, a company named "one plus one" clothing store quietly was born in Guangzhou, the boss is a 20 year old Chen Zhanhong.


10 years, "one plus one" by the development of a family garment workshop into fashion design company, and thus the formation of "one plus one" industrial limited company, not the cost of business, 10 years, Chen Zhanhong has become a self-employed by more than and 20 companies big boss, assets amounted to thousands of million yuan, annual exports of clothing is only worth $15 million about.

is developing so rapidly is prominent, in addition to climatic and geographical conditions, excellent market manipulation skills can not be underestimated.

"one plus one" industries including clothing, footwear, electrical appliances, food and beverage, but the bulk of clothing, clothing revenue accounted for 80% of total revenue. And clothing styles, fabrics are updated quarterly, monthly plan, how to make the pulse of the pulse of the market is crucial in the rapid alternation. Chen Zhanhong said that he is the "gun tactics", each designed a novel clothing, will put a row of top gun "to market demand check market, according to the first row of the sensational effect, decided to put the amount of the second and third batch.

"one plus one" "lies in the market in moderation," bombardment "of every new product launch to market under the" boom "never too far, not overdo sth.. Chen Zhanhong’s idea is the customer buy things to eat, something suddenly eat too full for this kind of thing will never, never lift not interest in it.

a product is disposable, but the trademark is a long-term. No capital business, if the "one plus one" trademark "sick", after the market is difficult to open, so the "one plus one" in every one of the best-selling new products, a new variety and mature, so you can not stop the "fast" and "new" turns bombing market.

To ensure the

of "one plus one" product "fast" and "new" features, Chen Zhanhong attaches great importance to information, and strive to put information into products in the shortest time, seize the "new tide of fashion". At present, "one plus one" only suit style has 20 kind of many. No capital of the venture, by "fast" and "new" is not in the market to win. The real market is dominated by customers, only to win customers, in order to win the market, in order to ensure that the boom was strong.

so, "one"