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Seven suggestions for female entrepreneurs

era in progress, the status of female friends are also rising, many female friends have begun their own entrepreneurial journey. There are certain problems that arise in the process of entrepreneurship, such as fear and failure. How do women entrepreneurs overcome fear? What should you do if you fail? Here are seven tips for Lumsden to female entrepreneurs.

How to overcome the fear of

1, imagine the worst possible scenario

2, focusing on process rather than outcome

3, defuse potential risks in advance

after, expected the worst case Lumsden believes that entrepreneurs should advance to eliminate risks and prepare for potential results. "It’s like a prenuptial agreement with me. I want to fight with myself before the situation gets worse. Then, when the situation changes, I am ready and may be willing to accept this change."

What to do after the failure of

4, see it as a pay tuition

investment in continuing education is the key. When the entrepreneur fails, one way to deal with failure is to look at it as a fee for learning and growing up. "It’s not going to make the whole process interesting," Lumsden admits. "But it’s still worth learning to build a better business. Think of my loss as something that I am learning now, and if I were 15 years later