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What are the problems prone to silver stores

set up shop, in the current hot situation, the problem can be said to be a common thing. After all, choose to go on this road are very much competition, the problem will be more natural, so also joined the big silver market. Each silver franchisee to store business has been down, the key is to continue long-term business shop is profitable, at least not the loss of the state. Now many competitors, competitive pressure, so to silver stores long-term development, we need to make a change. The following Xiaobian take you to understand the phenomenon under the silver stores and how to deal with.

of a silver, the number of stores increased

silver jewelry industry is developing rapidly, more and more investors choose to open jewelry stores. When opening the scenery is no longer, generation and cruel competition, the customer is always love, always love fresh. Each new store opening, you will lose part of the market, lose some customers, reduce when you still smile the jewelry store because of your arrival, traffic, post transfer, another new store opening, and look at your jokes, the field every day taking it, in the staged.

after a year of development, the franchise has faded a silver sheen in the past days, door, decoration, props, advertising, merchandise, some old, some aging, more and more customers lost day by day; how to do? Again, wash change, re decoration, appear as a new store is the best way. A store like a tree, to "evergreen", every year to give it a new opportunity.

status two: into the store customers less

how to cope with the reduction in the number of visitors? The number of visitors to a retail store from the beginning of this street decision, so the silver stores location become so important. Two adjacent jewelry stores, their number of visitors is basically the same, into the jewelry store, will be into a jewelry store, a woman shopping to greatly exceed the randomness, some people from beginning to end around, every shop will become a pleasure.

although now shop business may encounter problems will be varied, each industry is different, however, if you open jewelry stores, do the above two points, that stores will become easier. Operating jewelry stores, entrepreneurs need to constantly enrich himself, innovation, business process need to pay extra attention to details.