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How to join the grain mill shop

now people pay more attention to the health of the health consumption, the breakthrough point let us know the world is now the focus of consumption? Now people pay attention to diet and health, the health effects of whole grains as everyone knows is very good, so the grain mill to meet the needs of the consumers. Since the establishment of grain mill has been in the position of the precursor in the same industry in the country. Grain stores business? In such a market environment, of course, the business is very good. Then the grain mill how to join?

how to join the grain mill shop? Grain mill joining process is as follows:

1, field observation: the observation to the headquarters project, face-to-face communication with headquarters staff, have a comprehensive understanding of the English horn, is sure not to join the.

2, store decoration: headquarters to assist franchisees to confirm the business district and site selection, as well as store decoration and settlement, after the renovation has been able to store.

3, join the consultation: by telephone, fax, online message and other ways to consult the headquarters to join the task, ask for information, after the completion of the submitted to the headquarters.

4, the signing of the Treaty: the two sides confirmed that the observation results are correct, through friendly consultations, formally signed the treaty, there is no problem can sign the franchise contract.

5, the opening of the preparation: the headquarters of the pilot business operators to join the franchise shop. At the same time, the franchisee can receive authorization, business gifts, perfect distribution, settle the publicity materials, ready to start, without any problems, by the headquarters to help solve.

introduced above grain mill procedure we have been clear. Grain mill joined wholeheartedly to treat every franchisee, franchisee to provide help and support, such as: free store design, free technical training and other services, there are a series of service, everyone can success, since then no longer have good business projects and greatly worried.

if you want to open a grain mill their stores, and want to know more about the brand idea, then please give us a message on our website below, we will arrange our staff to contact you after seeing the message.

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