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What are the tricks of nternet business

once, when the network is not popular, many people will choose to go to the Internet cafes. However, in the era of constant change, with the gradual popularization of the network, the Internet cafe has been a very big restriction. In short, in the network has not yet universal, the purpose of the existence of Internet cafes to the Internet without conditions or temporary need to provide access to the internet. However, with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the computer has become a necessity of life, and Internet cafes, but also by providing only the traditional Internet site into a place for people’s leisure and entertainment. In the face of increasingly fierce competition in the Internet cafe market, the majority of the owners must attack in order to be unique.



the tailor makes the man, but also rely on the Internet, the facade of the importance can not be ignored. In the long run, Internet cafes are often covered with wrinkles, or dirty, or chaos, which will greatly reduce the attractiveness of Internet cafes to customers.

in this case, the best re decoration of cafe facade, let it show "smile" towards the eight party guests gather four money, otherwise, customers look dirty, a window is closed, may be at a distance.

In addition to

, the front desk of the Internet cafes also need to re layout, as far as possible to keep fresh, clean. The Internet cafe corridor, tables and chairs, computers have to clean, we must keep the Internet cafes clean, only in this way, customers have a good mood online.


cards do not make money?

for online game player patronize cafe, the operator can through the upstream channel wholesale some mainstream online games Dianka, they will cost close to the price of sales.

Why should

be sold at a price close to the cost? Shouldn’t you make more money? In fact, the sale of the card is not to make money, but to attract online game player to the Internet, to attract customers, therefore, in the sale of ultra low price card, can add restrictions "where the Internet cafes, can enjoy preferential Lingdianli cards".



to increase passenger flow of the Internet, can be issued vouchers to the Internet customers, giving them free access time hours, prompting them to become Internet cafes repeat. This service very tempting, Internet cafe owners can also limit the daily vouchers in time, in order to lure customers to get vouchers and often to the internet.

In addition,

can also print hundreds of online discounts

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