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What are the tips of the hot pot shop decoration

has been Hot pot is a popular delicacy, consumer demand, the market is hot, a good way, quick money overall, in the business market, Hot pot shop number is not a minority, competition is inevitable. So, today Xiaobian for investors to disclose the details of personalized personalized hot pot shop decoration.

table selection, general medium scale store can choose the diameter 120-140cm of the big table for 10 people, a small table with 80cm*100cm, suitable for people with 2-4. The number of the round table with table should be carried out according to the structure of the hall for collocation. Conditional store can also set a single room, put a larger table. Chairs and tables are best suited for beauty and placement. The cabinet is down is stored in the table, cabinet tableware, counter up down under the food, beverage and other supplies on the counter. Commonly used in the specifications of the table, long 80cm, width of 50cm, height of 70cm. The proportion of the number of the table and the table is generally 1:2-1:4, the specific number and placement according to the layout of the table layout.

two, Hot pot shop decoration personality details the overall tone of

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five, Hot pot shop personality decoration details of natural gas

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