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Note open baozi nn Reading

how to open a steamed stuffed bun store? What needs to pay attention to open the door? To sum up, the location, rent, decoration, staff wages, technology is the need to pay attention to several aspects. In addition, in the course of the operation of the store can also sell milk, milk and other nutritious drinks, which can enhance the profit point. Here is the factor analysis.

1, location: steamed stuffed bun shop location to schools, farmers market, near the station is appropriate, residential areas and large flow of people can also be.

2, rent: the location of the rent difference is also large, the monthly rent of about 1500 yuan to rent a small shop in general between 1.

3, decoration: steamed stuffed bun shop should be simple decoration.


4, pressure machine, steamer, stove, counter, a total of about 10000 yuan.

5, employee wages: general store also need to recruit 2 employees, each annual salary of about $10000.

6: No, this technology skills should first go to a general, chef training courses have been doing dumplings and snacks courses, training out, usually for a long time practice. If directly to the baozi Inn with the master teacher, can learn about half a year.

for small entrepreneurs, the buns shop business is a good place to get rich, do not need much money, experience and technology, shop more simple. However, it is worth noting that the above elements should be properly arranged, there is one point, according to the relevant regulations, all employees should be steamed stuffed bun shop health certificate.

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