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Mo Kai open couple stalls selling guava guava

if you have a comfortable job, age has reached the age of 40, you will give up such a job, choose to rural entrepreneurs? I’m afraid most of the answers are negative. Guangdong city of Dongguan Province Hong Mei Zhen Hong Wu Wo Cun, a pair of couples over the age of 40, they give up and leisurely work back to the village, fuchangfusui, work together to run a guava orchard.

little orchard is poured into the couple’s passion, but also entrusted with their dream of becoming rich in rural entrepreneurship.

today, entered the Hong Wu Wo Cun Hong Mei town where the corner lining aunt guava orchard, saw the new century, Taiwan No. 1, crystal pearl guava has thrived, the branches covered with fruitful results, a high yield scene. Aunt lining couple are busy picking guavas, guests will pack fruit. Looking at guava yield, lining aunt couple stole the music, they did not expect a small orchard actually bring big income.

The person in charge of

orchard aunt: "we are now lining size is not too large, there are about 8 acres that we are now out of their own species, can control stages, all through the year and year can Guaguo case, uninterrupted supply of the market, I think there is a market."

has many years of experience in the cultivation of crops, Mo Mo is lining aunt husband, he wanted to start a business. They believe that if they want to start a business, they must develop a relatively high economic value of cash crops as the development goals. In the end, they decided to grow faster, lower blood pressure, lower blood sugar, and more nutritious fruit, guava. The couple did, at the beginning of 2011, the couple to the village aunt lining farmers 1000 yuan per mu / mu price rented 8.5 acres of agricultural land, and by relatives from Panyu to buy high-quality guava fruit seedlings, the formal establishment of husband and wife in orchard.

orchard responsible person: "because we lined aunt after investigation, think this guava had a relatively healthy effect, so I think this guava should be promising, so we decided this kind of guava."

41 year old aunt lining revealed that she is from Cao Jiao Cun Wo Cun Hong Wu Wangniudun married, she was packing workers of an enterprise, with 3, 4 thousand yuan monthly salary, work very busy, but in order to support her husband with the fruit business, a large number of listed, she quit idle the work devoted to the orchard management.

orchard responsible person: "I originally lined aunt in the factory, I was doing the packers in the factory, very easy, but my husband love business, he love the plants, since he is determined to do, I must go to help him, he can’t do it by myself so much."

just started to grow, they recommended

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