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Open a hot pot restaurant where money

opened a hot pot shop, talking about simple, but all of this is sufficient funds as a precondition. However, in the end what needs funding, many entrepreneurs are not very clear, naturally do not know how much money to open a hot pot shop about how much money to prepare. So, open a hot pot restaurant where money?

franchise fee

currently on the market a number of hot pot shop is through the way of joining. The initial fee is Hot pot shop spending the most, accounting for at least 2/3 of the total expenditure of cost. In the choice of Hot pot shop joining to note that currently on the market Hot pot shop layered serious, Chongqing Dezhuang, Ma Qin, Guojianglong, riding a dragon Hot pot Chongqing well-known brands such as Hot pot shop cost to join in more than 200 thousand, according to different levels (provincial, municipal, county) division, the cost of 20-100 million range. And some well-known enterprises to join the pot is uneven. There are 50 thousand, 10 or even 30 thousand Wandu, free lifetime have joined. Investors can only choose according to their own hot pot business.

store rent

open a Hot pot shop, rent is a big investment, the general principle is a good place to have a large flow of people, the high rent. A little lower partial boundary. Contract on the market for 3 years, the rent should be at least 100 thousand.

renovation costs

Hot pot shop decoration fee is out after second hard to join the cost expenditure, different boundaries, different provinces such as urban renovation costs ranging from. But at least 100 thousand of the budget.

staff costs


and waiter related fees and advertising fees are required according to their own configuration to allocate the budget Hot pot shop. For example, the chef and waiter should have accommodation costs (including living facilities), salary, performance bonus, etc..


must 3-5 million. The market is always changing, there will always be beyond the planned projects and the daily operation of the need for the preparation of working capital is necessary. How much money is not guaranteed to open Hot pot shop, investors can only decide according to their own situation, appearance and decoration costs, staff costs is the main part, these pieces of planned, the other can be arranged to follow the prescribed order. However, the current open Hot pot shop, money advice 20-50 million or so as to ease the.

now costs are constantly improving, therefore, if you want to open a business Hot pot shop, is not a simple investment, only these funds all ready and abundant, so that it can let you Hot pot shop officially implemented.

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