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What is the secret of successful operation of convenience stores


side of the convenience store, make our life a great convenience, also can bring very many business opportunities, and now many people have opened a convenience store, because of the convenience store, bring a lot of convenience to people’s lives, so the market is relatively large. In fact, there are a lot of people have opened convenience stores, but because some business skills are not very understanding, and finally closed down. Here to tell you about the success of the convenience store tips, hoping to help more entrepreneurs.

into the shop customers do not even have to buy things to smile. It is a good way to help the customer to change the whole money for free. Guests bring more guests is an ordinary and accurate truth. The biggest expense for any cause is labor. But it’s not a wise idea for convenience stores to stay in the store for a long time. Reasonable allocation of staff working hours is the most scientific approach.

shop 3~6 months before the performance is almost no growth period. Winter time will be longer. Don’t put the convenience store to shake Qian Shu into being. At the beginning of the business because of the dismal end of the case to give up the shop everywhere. It’s not in the store for a whole day. It’s not going to work if you’re tired.

is now the convenience store industry competition is very intense, resulting in the deterioration of the relationship between the company and the franchisee is not a few cases. Experts of convenience stores are concentrated in the company headquarters, actively use this, loyal to the company’s principle is very necessary. First of all, I should throw away the idea that the company is running my convenience store. I am the boss of the shop, every day by writing a sales diary to record all the day sales. Easy to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the shop.

convenience store should give a clean image. Bright stores, clean clothing, mellow aroma of coffee, cool in summer and warm in winter environment, relaxing music, as long as these five points can be very good to stimulate customers five sense, sales will rise. Convenience store only to earn the floating population of the money has passed. Seize the back of the district is also very important. Keep in mind that the characteristics of the customer each time into the store to show a familiar intimacy, if the customer likes to keep pets, including his dog’s name to remember together. So this kind of customer will be a repeat customer.

if you don’t know how to engage in such business, a small series of articles and I hope to help everyone, after the above content, for the convenience store business secret, I believe we all understand. Today, many people are starting to open a convenience store business, but also attracted by the profits, but we should also pay attention to the operation of the process, not because of negligence caused by the failure of the operation.

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