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The two secrets of Li Jiacheng’s success

no one can casually succeed, Li Jiacheng’s success to many people hope. Let the hearts of young people restless heart to the extreme. But not everyone can be as brilliant as Li Jiacheng. In the meantime, his business has been difficult, of course, is the secret of management. Let’s look at it!

behind the numbers, is such a logic: no cash flow threat, liability depends on yourself, let most of the problems is not a passive decision, Lee will have on the business as much as possible large autonomy. In the eyes of many people in cooperation with Li Jiacheng, "seize autonomy" is the core of his ideas.

The reform and innovation of


overcomes the disadvantage of narrow space, the Hongkong international container terminal but because of its efficiency, has become the international famous "up port" (catch-upport) that was delayed in the transport process in time, can be compensated in Hongkong. In such a complete management system, &nbs>

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