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Hot pot take money May earn profits of up to 100 thousand yuan

hot pot market is not big? Into the hot pot market will be fierce competition? If you want to make a big career in this industry, the need for innovation? This is the current number of investors ready to open a hot pot shop ideas. According to the research data show that the catering market annual turnover amounted to 2 trillion, which accounted for 40% of the amount of Hot pot industry, and the annual growth rate of 11.3%, Hot pot market should not be underestimated.

and Chongqing peak (a pseudonym) idea is to gather the user contact with high degree of Hot pot brand, by providing a unified packaging, electromagnetic oven, cooker and other tableware, and finished the meal back after implementation of customer service standardization, distribution system to improve the efficiency of multi station coordinated layout. Hot pot take money? So far, the peak has been quite successful, and the monthly net profit of more than 100 thousand yuan.

business is dominated by female customers

is currently the peak of the single volume of 500 single day, the number of hot pot cooperation nearly a hundred, covering the more than and 200 physical stores. The peak of the service for individual customers to 30 year old women, mostly 4-6 personal consumption scenarios. At present, the proportion of enterprises accounted for only 1% of the peak, this is because although the high order customer orders, but only in the mission, the annual meeting will be a specific scene to eat hot pot, there is no need to form a high frequency.

in addition to 2 packages of hot pot takeaway products, the peak from the amount of delivery is $400, the peak said that the current customer price over a thousand dollars, per capita consumption of about $100, a few dozen per day, at this stage is still based on household consumption. In order to improve the frequency of consumption of hot pot, their future may try to launch a pot for a person, the accumulation of more reputation users.

in addition to maximizing the consumption of a single consumer scene, the peak is also expanding more application scenarios, such as KTV, outdoor travel. Peak pointed out that how to divide the interests of businesses and leisure places is the key to cooperation. In order to improve the customer consumption frequency, picky eaters to cooperation brand Hot pot line entity stores for promotion of the ground, to the restaurant to provide free napkins, patiently for customers to explain the fussy Hot pot delivery service.

in addition, drinks and drinks is another major source of profits, but at present this part of the profit has not yet formed a scale, after all, because customers eat hot pot at home, usually bring their own drinks.

service is the key to the entire O2O

hot pot to send the first to consider how to control the cost of the case, to solve the problem of lack of experience. Peak special custom disposable packaging boxes, pots, induction cooker, etc., all the hot pot restaurants are using the same packaging and hot pot equipment. Basically, in addition to taste different, the customer on the platform to book any

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