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Chongqing small noodles shop decoration should pay attention to the problem of joining


features a restaurant shop became more people preferred, recently Chongqing small noodles flavor delicacy has aroused wide attention and favor of the market Chongqing small noodles stores also blossom everywhere, for business friends, want to open a specialty shop, in addition to food and service, also need to pay attention to the decoration design. What a Chongqing small noodles store decoration should pay attention to the problem?

2, Chongqing small noodles store decoration must tone with red, yellow and blue in the warm tone.

3, Chongqing small noodles shop decoration does not necessarily require luxury, after all the popular Hot pot shop is the mainstream, the decoration of the time, highlight the simple and generous, capacious and bright as the principle.

The cooling system of

4, Chongqing small noodles join the store needs reasonable configuration, let each range are cool.

5, floor tiles are non slip type, the ground mark clear, especially the safety warning signs. The floor is best designed to be barrier free, so that it can be used to improve the efficiency of the table when the table is used.


6, the kitchen or set the background and special Restroom staff locker room, which can effectively distinguish the work area and dining area, control staff into the dining hall, but can not appear employees and customers crowded in the Restroom phenomenon.

7, the overall environment easily, meet people easily own vision, Chongqing small noodles without smoke, the whole hall must maintain the air circulation, prevent out after the body has a smoke flavor.

8, join down Chongqing small noodles shop (table waiter) according to the store layout reasonable, satisfy at least one down service 4-5 table; in order to make full use of their human resources, to ensure customer’s enjoyment of the meal, can put down the table to table 2-3 service.

9, Chongqing small noodles franchise hall furniture layout is reasonable, with 4 people square hall, room 10 people use the space between the table table; there is enough space for guests to move.

people are now more and more high demand for food and beverage consumption, not only in terms of taste, as well as the service and store decoration style can bring the dining atmosphere. So a good store decoration design will be in the course of business days after the play a huge sitting on. Open a Chongqing small noodles stores how to do the store decoration, more than a few suggestions, hoping to provide some references for their friends, a good foundation for the successful operation of lay.

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