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Hefei will improve the Wanjiang City Network

Hefei suburban railway has been further planning, let people pay attention to the subway, people’s lives more smoothly, make people feel that Hefei has changed greatly. Wait for a few years, when Hefei fireworks in March people can sit Chengtie Yangzhou, Slender West Lake, Daming Temple enjoy beautiful scenery.

Anhui provincial high speed rail circular railway network scale, convenient through the province and the surrounding city "microcirculation" intercity railway is getting more and more attention.

according to the planning of Wanjiang intercity railway network approved the country, Wanjiang City Belt in Hefei as the center, the recent planning of 6 frameworks of intercity railway and 4 metropolitan intercity railway. Plans to implement 4 projects in 2020, with a total mileage of 310 km, a total investment of $41 billion 170 million, when the transport capacity and service quality between Hefei and neighboring cities will be greatly improved.

the intercity rail network covers more than one city, including Hefei, Wuhu, Ma’anshan, Tongling, Anqing, Chizhou, Chuzhou, Xuancheng, Lu’an, Huainan, Bengbu and other 11 city. Inter City railway basically covers 200 thousand urban population, to form a central city, the center of the city and the surrounding towns between the 1 hour traffic circle.


and the people of Hefei are closely related to the construction of Hefei Xinqiao International Airport – Lu’an intercity railway, the line length of 103 kilometers, is Chaohu intercity line skeleton; – and – Hanshan Ma’anshan intercity railway, the line length of 69 kilometers, is the nature of metropolitan intercity line.

The establishment of

Chengtie, can let people feel the life in Hefei how comfortable, convenient traffic, so that the people of Hefei want to go where you can go. The provincial development and Reform Commission is organizing the relevant aspects of the preparatory work for the project, in conjunction with the Hefei and Lu’an city focus on the alignment, key nodes and other construction scheme of careful research, six Intercity Railway feasibility report has been completed the first draft.

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