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Xining Park Lane community six heart service moved residents

The damaged pipe repaired, laid-off workers have to work, the old party spare no effort to play the heat, what is the power of the residents of small household affairs everything that is so wrong? In the Park Lane Community reporter found the answer: caring for people, guidance, patience, help to be intimate, difficult to care, work to be careful, work to have a sense of responsibility. For a long time, community workers with their actions interpretation of the six heart service, the heart of the service in exchange for the real return of the residents.

retired veteran party found a home in the community

victory No. 46 hospital road is a city built family member courtyard, 6 party standing in more than 35 years old retired party members, the party organization relationship after the bankruptcy of units no specific management department, has been anchored in the individual association, they found the community, active community party organizations receive relations, to the understanding of the situation community party branch, they accepted, the old party became a member of the community.

corridor Party group became a banner

found these old party party organizations actively participate in community activities, in the "news" and "creative city" during the old play the exemplary role of Party members, the organization old Party established the first party group, the "corridor corridor" Party group members found the problems in daily hospital building in life, can solve the scene to solve, can not solve the reflect to the community, greatly reduce the working pressure of the community. The hospital building since the ride self coal real lot, affecting the whole building Institute of environmental health, the "news", a 80 year old "corridor Party group" members of Uncle Zhang, resolutely took their children, take the lead will be demolished to build their own room, a move that touched the whole hospital building residents, we have to make ten coal house demolition of all civil building…… Since the corridor Party group, no hospital building, public security, health and other aspects have been greatly improved.

concerned about the difficulties of the masses bounden duty


area is a founder of the low deaf people, a few years ago his wife died, he a person for his son to school, doctor wife owed a lot of debt, because there is no culture, he usually rely on odd jobs at the site to earn money to feed their families, life is very tight. 2010 son admitted to the University, but the tuition has become the biggest problem. They worry, community workers took to help them apply to thousands of yuan of poverty relief funds, help children successfully entered the University gate.

intimate help break through the road of employment

years ago, fanshifu laid off, children in primary school, then his wife left him, to have a fixed income, fanshifu found community, put his idea to tell the community Secretary Wang Hong, secretary’s support for his ideas, encouraged him to play a skills and create wealth my hands, and bring the community a dozen square meters of the old office vacated when he provided free of charge to the workshop. "I’m really grateful to the community staff for providing me with this house, though;

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