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Yan Jinhai stressed the opportunity to seize the opportunity to work in Datong county poverty allevi

6 3, vice governor Yan Jinhai in Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County research of poverty alleviation work emphasizes, should seize the opportunity to focus on precise, prominent features, because households individualized strategy, and never let a poor people in well-off road left behind.

Yan Jinhai in-depth rural farmers, fields, and visit the poor people out of poverty, poverty alleviation, survey precision precision landing policy implementation, understand poverty alleviation breeding, poverty alleviation, relocation of infrastructure construction in poor villages and public service facilities, and cadres at all levels to poverty alleviation plan.

Yan Jinhai stressed that the county government and the village committee to effectively assume the main responsibility for implementing the Poverty Alleviation Policies hundred-percent. To further increase the intensity of the work of poverty alleviation, refinement, the implementation of poverty alleviation measures, as soon as possible to implement the household. To play the main role of poor people, so that poor people choose the right path of poverty alleviation. To rely on the local resources, market demand, industry foundation and poor people out of poverty, accurate selection of industry and business, focus on the development of characteristic planting industry, leisure agriculture, rural tourism and economy, and strive to take the "one village or village one" approach, effectively improve the poor masses of "blood" function; to speed up the transformation of the mode of operation, to encourage and guide the large breeding, family farms, cooperatives and leading enterprises of new business entities, to actively participate in the cause of poverty, radiation driven more poor people to develop poverty alleviation industry, stabilizing and increasing the income of poor households.


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