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Wang Guosheng chaired the provincial comprehensive deepening reform leading group of the twenty four

12 12, the provincial Party Secretary, the provincial comprehensive deepening reform leading group chaired the provincial Party committee Wang Guosheng comprehensively deepen reform leading group of the twenty-fourth meeting. He stressed the need to conscientiously implement the central comprehensive deepening reform and the thirtieth meeting of the leading group spirit, firm determination and confidence in reform, and enhance the sense of urgency, a solid job summary, advance planning, supervision appraisal experience, actively study and promote the reform, improve the overall efficiency of the reform, reform and expand the benefit side, play the leading role in the reform, and constantly enhance people’s sense of access, provide a strong impetus for economic and social development.

Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party committee, deputy head of the leading group Wang Jianjun attended.

meeting examined and adopted the principle of Qinghai province to promote the implementation of the price mechanism reform opinions. The meeting pointed out, to firmly establish the concept of innovation, development, coordination, green open, sharing, and lead the initiative to adapt to the new normal economic development, closely around the market plays a decisive role in the allocation of resources, better play the role of government, deepen the reform of the price mechanism, efforts to improve the focus of price formation mechanism, improve the system of government pricing and strengthen the price supervision and enforcement of the anti monopoly law, improvement of price regulation and service, to create a good environment for the price of the province’s economic and social development. To adhere to the market, decided to put the tube combination, exploration and innovation, and coordination principle, actively and steadily push forward the reform of public service pipe, to speed up the resources, energy and the environment, and other key areas of the market price of the pace of play price leverage to promote our province, resource conservation, ecological protection and social harmony. To strengthen the organization and implementation of scientific planning, improve supporting measures, strengthen the ability construction, livelihood Douzhu bottom line, to do propaganda, strengthen tracking effect, dynamic adjustment, and provide a powerful guarantee for accelerating the improvement is mainly determined by the market price mechanism.

meeting examined and adopted the principle of "the new era of education in the implementation of the work of the implementation of the views of". The meeting pointed out, to fully implement the party’s education policy, to the overall situation, based on the status quo of overall development, quality and efficiency of innovation and development, equality and cooperation to ensure the safety of the basic principle, adhere to the "going out" and "bringing in" simultaneously, promote education orderly opening, learn from the advanced practice and experience, to attract high-quality educational resources. To strengthen organizational leadership, expand the scale, improve quality, actively develop the overseas education; strengthen the Sino foreign cultural exchanges, promote the people connected; actively participate in the "The Belt and Road" strategy, strengthen exchanges and cooperation; expand the opening in education field, widen cooperation; intensify the introduction of talents, strengthen the construction of teaching staff, improve the educational level of opening up and the level of our province.

meeting examined and adopted the principle of "Qinghai Province Environmental Protection Inspector implementation plan" "Qinghai Province ecological environmental protection work responsibility provisions". The meeting pointed out that the introduction of the implementation of the provisions, I protect the environment inspector scheme and ecological environmental protection work responsibility, is conducive to environmental protection target responsibility clear, decomposition and implementation, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the local government and relevant departments, to solve outstanding environmental problems, enhance;

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