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Streetscape upgrade quality

recently, bridge street in the north area, you can see some beautiful and unique vertical light boxes, etc. the city landscape art disk stands in the street street bridge has become a beautiful scenery line.
north area of city administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau in the district government will hold large, close to the city planning practice, focus on creating high-tech industrial zone, the agricultural demonstration zone, landscape ecological livable area ", to improve the living environment and improve the city grade as the goal, the implementation plan and the transformation of the city street city streets, perfect function. Invested more than 520 yuan, the full implementation of the Bridge Street Streetscape upgrade project. Set 7 meters high vertical light box, on both sides of the street to set up the art of the 125 panels and a large box of flowers, set up the flag of the group of 60, the replacement of the box, the skin of the 40 of the 18 in the first half of the year, and the other one is the same as the other.


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