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Xining six to six games outstanding individual units were commended

recently, Union City, city development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Construction Committee, Municipal Supervision Bureau, the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection jointly carried out inspection and acceptance of 36 key construction projects this year to participate in the labor competition, Xining City Federation of Trade Unions Labor Competition Committee, conducted a briefing in recognition of 5 outstanding organization units, 19 outstanding construction units, 18 the excellent construction team, 18 outstanding builders.

it is understood that during 12th Five-Year, the city organized a large number of key construction projects, the focus of the project is an important material foundation of sustainable economic and social development of our city, is also an important guarantee to improve the comprehensive competitiveness and the level of people’s life. In order to promote the construction of key projects, and strive to build a batch of "quality engineering" and "model projects" and "clean project", union labor competition committee, city has two times in the city’s key projects (project) construction in depth with more scientific management, the quality of the project to complete the task than the match, match; the progress of the project; than the match cost control; very careful in reckoning, is people-oriented, match the innovation of science and technology; than regulations, game production safety; than law-abiding, honest competition "as the main content of the" six six match "chuangxianzhengyou labor contest. Activities focus on the "12th Five-Year" development strategy, objectives and tasks, in order to promote the transformation of the mode of economic growth, improve the capability of independent innovation and building a conservation minded society and promote social civilization as the theme, the key construction projects as the main position, and fully mobilize the broad masses of workers, technicians and managers enthusiasm, in the key construction the project’s initiative and creativity, to ensure the completion of the city’s key construction projects with high efficiency, high quality and high standard. (author: Xu Shunkai)

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