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Comprehensive treatment of dangerous rock section along the north of the airport expressway

this is a protracted battle, but also a challenge to review the problem, the solution to people’s concerns, this is a responsibility, but also a play.

is the generation of the vicissitudes of life, Beishan, Xining Beishan with its unique natural landscape and rich cultural heritage of the well-known, far and near due to geological disasters, but its special geological structure hidden danger to the root of 5155 households and more than 30 thousand people’s lives and property safety poses a great threat.

over the years, the Chaoyang village, Si Tai Zi Cun several villages due to serious lag of water and electricity, roads and other infrastructure, let these close to downtown Xining, and the airport high-speed road adjacent to the village of Xining, become the rapid development of a scar on the picture".

to lift the rock on the production and life of the villagers of the shadow, new life to lead the villagers to live production development, rich village beauty, let this "Scar" into a beautiful picture of the airport expressway in the transformation, village relocation imperative.

since July 4th of this year, the relocation of a village, along the airport expressway along the dangerous section of the northern section of the comprehensive regulation of the campaign started.

The Beishan rock

comprehensive renovation project construction and environmental remediation combined with improving local people’s production and living conditions of organic integration, through a comprehensive renovation, the people living here out of the shadow of geological hazards, while a small gap to the Chaoyang overpass section of northern Xining area completely, through the Northern District of Xining is a beautiful scenery.

in this involves the development and improve the livelihood of the implementation of the project, the relocation is a "hard", is a challenge that we must face the battle.

local to comply with the needs of the overall development, in order to develop and improve people’s livelihood, and then the hard bone to chew.

Xining City, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of leading cadres and the masses seriously, through the concept of refinement and the party’s mass line educational activities to practice an important spiritual thrust increase airport high speed along the Beishan rock section regulation as a "change style, serving the masses" to grasp, combined with the previous Beishan rock comprehensive management, scientific planning of village resettlement work. After the completion of the relocation of villages will be large areas of green in the new situation along the landscape and natural landscape, mountain road together, create a good environment and beautiful landscape, highlights, harmonious and sustainable development of the human landscape, so that the Xining Airport Expressway first image spindle with the famous "Beishan rain" landscape more contrast.

three months, led by the competent leadership of Chengbei District of Xining city government, the District Construction Bureau, Land Bureau, Urban Management Bureau and other relevant departments jointly composed of resettlement group, it relates to the north of Qilian road and north to the south, West Mountain Temple groove, Ning Expressway east of Chaoyang temple, within the scope of Table 2 village and Qilian Road West community assessment, synchronized Chaoyang village, Temple Village Ertaizi Village resettlement housing construction procedures for the work table, Temple Village resettlement area;

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