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nvestment in the business of glasses shop analysis

Almost every man

the society are watching TV to receive such radiation by computer, and certainly will cause serious influence on strength, moreover has developed cosmetic contact lenses glasses contact lenses, so many people began to invest at the glasses industry entrepreneurship.

glasses shop open prospect analysis

glasses consumer market "cake" how? Ordinary people open glasses shop there is no market? Let’s analyze open glasses shop: on average, a person’s life need at least a pair of glasses, or myopia, or presbyopic glasses or sunglasses. In the middle of a city of 2 million people, for example, the investigators found that the opening of the glasses shop about 1 km long section of the bustling, the distribution of the size of the optical shop, 16, so projections, the city should have hundreds of glasses shop. According to the survey, the glasses market annual consumption of about 70 million or so!

glasses shop

1 glasses: glasses shop store location, location is very important, unless you don’t want to make money quickly. Recommended in Colleges and universities around the bustling section.

3 frame: to open a more than and 50 square glasses shop, how much investment open glasses shop, the general need to invest 1000 to pay 50 for optical glasses, contact lenses and medicine, 500 pair of sunglasses. 1000 of them pay, pay for 400 low, 5 yuan in the purchase price, price at 30 yuan, 300 paid for the mid-range price in 16 yuan, the sales price of 100 yuan, 200 pay for high-grade, the purchase price at 40 yuan, the sale price of 160 yuan, 100 pay for the purchase price in the high-end 50 to 200 yuan price in 160-360 yuan. 300 pay 100 pay grade, sun, price in 10 to 30 yuan, 120 for the mid-range, purchase price in 16 yuan, the sales price in 38-98. 80 pay for 100 yuan in the purchase price of high-grade, priced at 100-300 yuan. Now there are a lot of features, this is my most conservative valuation.

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