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Optimize the layout of the city of Xining to speed up the construction area five Sanchuanhe

Reporter held in Xining in January 4th NPC and CPPCC learned that this year, Xining city will optimize the layout of the city, in order to promote the construction of urbanization, accelerate the new, sunning Plaza five area, accelerate the pace of Nanchuan, Beichuan, Xichuan Sanchuan construction, build through the different functions and characteristics, and strive to form a new landmark in Xining.

building in the New District, Xining New District will accelerate the planning and approval of infrastructure construction, promote Kunlun Road, the road, 54 west city trunk road extends westward as the key, opened the new skeleton, will further reform the construction of the system, the development of new pattern with the development of sea lake district.

will enhance the founding of the road, the Central Plaza, sunning Plaza, sea lake, Beishan five large area construction. The road area and train station to proceed, the center will build the new city square area, sunning plaza area will form modern cultural and commercial leisure area, the lake district will gather popularity, improve function, expand the scale of Beishan area on the north side of the airport expressway will be built into a permanent green landscape ecological corridor, the South will start construction the new logistics business district.

in Sanchuan construction, Nanchuan area will accelerate land consolidation and road after the demolition of the water supply and drainage, power grids and other infrastructure construction, the formation of development conditions as soon as possible; the Beichuan area will be completed next year ecological Shuicheng article, river and landscape construction; Xichuan area will focus on in New infrastructure, focusing on the development of investment projects made substantial breakthrough. (author: Wu Yachun)


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