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Huangyuan adds green to the plateau

via State Road 109, Kesuer village, GA village, a small village in Gaoling, a tree Yin village, which touch the green eye-catching attracts the eyeball of passengers. In recent years, Huangyuan county invested about 9000000 yuan for the new rural ecological construction, the former mountain village has undergone great changes.

Huangyuan County of the new rural green as the main content of ecological construction, and actively play the role of forestry in the new rural construction, with "green and beautify the rural homes" as the starting point, to achieve "the village green, beautiful village, village rich" as the goal, and vigorously carry out village green landscaping work, improving farmers’ production living conditions for building rich civilized and harmonious new socialist countryside lay a solid foundation.

it is understood that the county invested about 9000000 yuan to complete the work of the new rural greening of the 52, including village roads, courtyards, leisure and leisure square and other green. Road greening by Qinghai spruce, cypress, Qilian Park and other native tree species of poplar Populus hopeiersis; green courtyard and leisure square with trees and lilac, forsythia flowers and shrubs, on reasonable collocation, do three-dimensional green tree, shrub and grass, the formation of multi-level, orderly falling green space, to achieve the "spring Xia Youyin, a flower, fruit in autumn, winter green". At the same time to mobilize the masses to actively participate in the implementation of the project of village new rural green plants and soil preparation, afforestation tending to work late, do a piece, a piece, a piece of green, for the construction of "ecological Huangyuan", "livable Huangyuan" lay a solid foundation. (author: Han Yongsheng yuan Yuhong)

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