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Enhance the quality of a large number of commercial and trade enterprises in Xining settled in the p

in the provincial capital of Xining, Dalian Wanda, Malaysia Parkson, Beijing Hualian, Huarun million, Guo Fang Department store, Xinhua Department Store is still fun city plaza, and a number of chain pizza hut can enhance the status of the city center, highlighting the commercial grade boutique department store, commercial complexes, shopping centers, the characteristics of pedestrian street and other projects have been built or opened. To further improve the Xining business quality, promote the development of modern service industry.

in recent years, Xining city is located in fully rely on the "Lanxi economic zone core area location, traffic, market advantages, vigorously introduce large and high-end business enterprises, the initiative to capture a variety of business investment information, approached the initiative to come, in project tracking service to send someone to help enterprises solve various problems encountered in coordination, registration decoration, opening matters, held by the Green Fair, Xining fair city and province promotion, so that a large number of domestic and foreign trade circulation enterprises settled in Xining.

Pizza Hut stores west opening day sales reached 220 thousand yuan, is the Pizza Hut stores opening day sales champion record holder, now at Sanjiadian, still waiting for diners to eat, it can be seen that the Xining market consumption potential. With the economic and social development, Qinghai is in the best period of development in history, the mass consumption potential is gradually released, which is attracting more and more commercial and trading enterprises to invest in Xining, settled in Xining, an important reason. Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce official told reporters.

these well-known commercial circulation brand in the provincial capital of Xining, but also brought sales ideas and advanced management methods, driven by the rapid development of commercial enterprises in the land, so that the original large commercial enterprises to expand the retail business format pattern, such as the Qinghai based Department Store Co., community convenience stores in the original ensemble. The opening of the Qinghai department store commercial products, the introduction of a number of domestic and foreign well-known brands, to better serve the people in the provincial capital, further to the advanced management concept of enterprise development, sales.

as of now, Xining billion yuan of large commercial enterprises sales of 11 enterprises, of which 1 billion yuan in sales of more than 1 enterprises, sales of 500 million yuan more than 1 companies, sales of 300 million yuan more than 4 companies; in 16 key business enterprises to focus on monitoring the scope of the cumulative sales of 2 billion 600 million yuan, an increase of 17.7%. (author: Pan Ling)

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