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Qinghai Tibetan song and dance art debut in San Francisco

cultural ministries of culture of Qinghai province and sent the news publishing office of Qinghai Tibetan song and dance troupe, in late February in San Francisco City, California, held a series of activities, fully demonstrated the full protection and heritage of Tibetan traditional culture, so that local people and overseas Chinese in close contact, understanding of the Tibetan traditional music and folk dance art, publicity and display Qinghai Tibetan culture of folk culture, the successful completion of the task of cultural exchange.

performances, the original Tibetan culture and art by the local audience. The whole performance at Stanford University highlights the original ecology and nationalization. The original "auspicious", a cappella Xiangyin soft Galazhuo "," the song "as" white Junggar, folk dance "plateau spring", the actors with lively dance, sounds like singing and funny opera performances form and magnificent national costumes, authentic presents colorful Tibetan traditional song and dance art, bring a visual and auditory art feast for the audience. In the performance of the overseas Chinese town, Qinghai Tibetan minor, flowers, ethnic songs and dances are popular, many overseas Chinese and actors singing and dancing together, the atmosphere is very active.


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