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Yu Zhengsheng in earnest affectionate Department of plateau province delegation sidelights

is also the hope of a sowing season, it is a bright spring days, it is an exciting moment.
at 9 o’clock in the morning, Yu Zhengsheng smiling, steadily into the Qinghai hall, the audience immediately burst into warm applause, dressed in national costumes Nimazo Mar presented hada, expression of people of all ethnic groups in our province of the CPC Central Committee and the central leading comrades of gratitude. Yu Zhengsheng took hada, smiled and greeted the delegates, shook hands.
"for a long time, the chairman Yu is very concerned about Qinghai, the heart of people of all nationalities. The party’s eighteen, had made a special trip to one of the most difficult areas of Guoluo Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture inspection guidance. Eighteen years later, once again came to Qinghai, in-depth grassroots, guidance. Has made 38 important instructions on the work of Qinghai and tibet. Qinghai cadres and the masses grateful, full of respect." Presided over the deliberations of Luo Huining said.
", the provincial government as the initiative to implement the plan, promote the development of Tibetan areas in Qinghai achieved remarkable results in economic and social infrastructure condition improved significantly, significantly improve the level of protection of people’s livelihood, the development level of industry characteristics significantly accelerate the ecological environment improved significantly, harmonious and stable solid base." Hao Peng said in his speech.
"to promote the Qinghai Tibetan leapfrog development and long period of stability, we do not rely on the subjective, objective, but cannot do without the support of." Hao Peng said, we will pay more attention to stimulate endogenous potential, improve basic public services, highlighting the vocational education and employment training, continuous improvement of people’s livelihood, fight for the people. Adhere to innovation driven, to create competitive characteristics of the industry, the industry to promote employment, enhance self-development capacity."
on the reform, innovation, then the people’s livelihood, on entrepreneurship. The delegates full of excitement.

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