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Strengthen the supervision and inspection efforts to do a good job in the city to meet the seizure


for the implementation of Xining city to meet the national civilized city evaluation index to mobilize the spirit of the general assembly, the general office of the municipal government attaches great importance to the rapid follow-up, detailed tasks, in-depth target areas of responsibility, and firmly implement the work, to do a good job in a city welcome inspection work.

one is to strengthen leadership, careful deployment. The leadership of the office of the government promptly convene a meeting to study the deployment of welcome inspection work, the welcome inspection work as a priority among priorities in the work requirements, leading cadres to take the lead in, to and for, go to work on the front line, be in line to find the problem, solve the problem in the field, with full load working condition input to fine work idea to welcome inspection work in. At the same time, seriously study and understand the spirit of creating a series of work in the city and the spirit of the city’s goal of creating a system of evaluation criteria, so clear, clear standards. Clear the number one responsibility, team members are responsible, administrative director responsibility system, arrange all-weather Dundian tablets in the package area of responsibility, to ensure that the work area of responsibility oversight.

two is a serious self-examination, refinement tasks. Comparison of the national urban civilization degree index evaluation system, to further refine the decomposition of the office of the office to assume the task of leadership, a clear responsibility for the main body and the completion time. For quantitative indicators to do a good job, accurate statistics, data is complete; for the joint commitment of the work, to strengthen coordination, joint research, to form a joint force. On the one hand, carefully combing workdone, leak filled, weak links, search to find a breakthrough, the work made new progress. On the one hand, filing data collection efforts, to create work archives collection requirements, by the responsible offices responsible for information administration standard consolidation, forming the complete file system. On the other hand, strengthening the supervision and inspection requirements of municipal chamber, formulate the inspection program, seize the supervision focus, clear the scope of supervision, to catch inspection results, the full protection of a city evaluation welcome inspection work steadily.

three is to increase inspections, comprehensive remediation. Arrangements for the person in charge of the film within the area of responsibility to carry out inspections, in accordance with the field investigation and material audit operation manual, joint point package inspection methods, one by one control, careful verification, found problems in a timely manner. At the same time, increase contact with the community, the streets, seize the key points and difficult to solve the difficulties, on-site office. In the August 31st inspections, were discouraged to exist within the area of "Xiao Yang supermarkets" shop management, discourage invalid case, contact Chengdong District Urban Management Bureau of administrative punishment on the road by September 1st; to find the depression, health inspection, no block, dirty site outside the block fence old, propaganda wall damaged the situation, contact the relevant responsible person, work overtime to carry out rectification, at present, the road has been fully play in governance, cleaning has been strengthened, the construction of the site of semi closed block, the old fence and wall were repaired; on September 2nd, in the area of forest road the mosque, Temple Lane health safety demolition carried out concentrated rectification. Planning, production of 11 promotional banners and publicity column, while increasing publicity;

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