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Xunhua vocational school in the ravine flying out of the golden phoenix

five years to go abroad for further study, to achieve employment of more than more than 200 students; business Arabic graduates annual income of more than $100 thousand in general; 1732 graduates in the realization of employment…… In recent years, Xunhua Salar Autonomous County occupation technical school based on the actual, bold innovation, professional characteristics has become a major brand occupation education of the ethnic regions, but also to build a platform for going deep in the mountains of poor students.

for a long time, Xunhua vocational and technical school because of geographical remoteness, weak educational foundation and other reasons, has been faced with no professional, no student dilemma. In 2007, the school with the county, through Yinchuan and other places in the continuous research, set up with local characteristics of the business of professional Arabic, after several years of development, a total of nearly 1000 students. After graduation, students not only active in Guangzhou, Zhejiang, Shenzhen and other places, but also some large companies in the Middle East Project Department as a full-time translator. At the same time, according to the professional characteristics of the school, with Turkey, Malaysia, Egypt, Pakistan and other countries of the education sector and some colleges and universities signed a cooperation school, employment agreement to help students out of the country. According to the needs of the people involved in the soil trade, the school opened a professional Turkmenistan language, comply with the new features of Xunhua County Labor export. Next, the school will also open the Turkish professional, further make the school characteristic scale.

as the president of Ma Guohua witnessed the development of the school in recent years, from enrollment difficulties to the students have now set up a company in Dubai, he was full of confidence in the development of the school. "We do so, in order to allow more remote mountain students out of the mountains, so that more students go abroad for further study, employment!"


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