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The government pays for the village oversight committee

December 27, 2013, the general office of the municipal government issued "on the establishment of the Xining municipal supervision committee members working funds and funding mechanisms", to further strengthen the construction of village oversight committee, the city’s 931 village committee members work and funding grants into the county finance system. And in 2014 the city’s Village (neighborhood) after the end of the overall work of the Commission, in accordance with the principles of fairness and justice, performance linked to fully reflect the rights, responsibilities and interests of the implementation of the principle of unity. Since then, the city’s village oversight committee working expenses and members of the grant will be paid by the government".

"opinions" clearly the work of the village committee and the members of the working committee subsidy standards. The city’s village affairs supervision committee working expenses were in accordance with the standard 3000 yuan Village, village of $2000 to protect. Members of the village oversight committee grants standard respectively according to the director of 3000 yuan (2000 yuan subsidy, basic performance appraisal subsidies 1000 yuan), member of the 2000 yuan (1400 yuan subsidy, the basic performance appraisal of security subsidy of 600 yuan). The members of the supervision committee of subsidies according to the economic development and the growth of fiscal revenue increased year by year, basic subsidies every year, payment time, payment methods and payment procedures with the village committee remuneration agreement; subsidy performance according to the results of the assessment issued each year at a time, the examination results as the standard cash subsidy performance satisfied, not satisfied with the payment the performance of subsidies.

at the same time, the "opinions" provisions of the county to establish a sound performance appraisal system of subsidies, formulate measures for the supervision committee to establish performance appraisal, performance appraisal results issued the supervision committee member performance work subsidy system.


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