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Xining City East District 400 iron man overtime overtime

officials gagger Rouchang slightly fewer than FireWire

October 4th, the reporters came to the airport expressway (Xining section) along the landscape renovation of Linjiaya, Fangzi District home site, with participation in publicity mobilization of cadres and workers to work together for a long time, in conversation with the cadres and workers of the reporter captures a long list, copy from rolia story touch one deeply in the heart, more than and 400 "Ironman" although at the expense of a few days of rest, very bitter and tired, but not tired, no retreat, because we have many "minor injuries not" iron soldiers, for the development of Xining, the East, in order to move involving the vital interests of households, they are all feeling.

district director of the demolition of the horse with high blood pressure, severe stomach problems, long-term illness stick to work, not rest all year round, at night, he has been accustomed to work overtime. Most tellingly, shortly before his wife died of heart disease in hospital surgery, he in operation that day to go to the hospital to accompany with his wife, she is discharged after his wife goodbye; his children sophomore, spare him a month with the child can not say two words…… Come home every night, he was always tired and could not even speak, go out from the door to the basic is a "dumb", angry wife often scolded him as the "wood", as long as he can face the people involved in the resettlement of households, full of vitality, standing in the angle of related families move as we count small account, general account.

in the area of more than 400 "Iron Man" can be found in the shadow of Ma Deliang in almost every person. Such as the demolition cadres Li Fuyuan, in spite of hypertension, but the term "white and black", "5+2" type to the publicity mobilization work, his wife often complained that he "never holiday time with the family shopping street"; such as the demolition cadres Ma Yaowu, long-term sick stick demolition work, it never seems even holidays. Their children are long-term by;

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