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Xining traffic police detachment to strengthen highway passenger traffic safety management

to conscientiously implement the Ministry of public security, local transportation "on the further strengthening of passenger and freight drivers safety management advice", effectively prevent serious road traffic accidents, to ensure safe and smooth road traffic area, Xining city traffic police detachment to highway passenger traffic safety as a key task, and strengthen measures refinement, deployment, and promote.

with the development of highway passenger transport, road safety and smooth work becomes more and more important, in order to do this work, guarantee the occurrence of major accidents, all police detachment leaders recognize the current grim situation facing the weariness overcome fatigue and slack paralysis of thought, with a highly responsible attitude, learn the lesson, replicability, safety the management of highway passenger traffic as a priority task, truly in place on the upper thought and action.

gives full play to the function of fixed check service station, joint transportation, safety supervision departments to check the strict inspection of all station vehicles and drivers, to prevent the disease out of the terminal and the record of 12 points motorists driving on the road; special police deployed to all 7 seats or more passenger vehicles by car registration examination of overcrowding, fatigue driving, mixed and random guest parking, super strong will and other illegal activities severely punished, high limit penalties; arrangement of flow between the police checkpoint intersection, road flow control, to prevent illegal vehicles bypass checkpoints, to evade inspection, do not give offense to an opportunity.

and long-distance passenger station in close cooperation, give full play to the publicity of the main battlefield of the role of education, through the issuance of promotional materials, promotional display panels, hanging banners, holding lectures, playing educational films and other forms of the crew and passengers to carry out publicity and education; in the brigade illegal processing window hanging banners, put the accident rectification broadcast TV panels, traffic safety, conduct a safety education for the personnel to deal with illegal brigade police on duty; implement the responsibility for propaganda of traffic safety in the process of law enforcement, every correct or punishment with traffic violations, to synchronize a traffic safety education and safety tips, enhance the effectiveness of law enforcement.


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