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The insurance industry in our province officially released the 13th Five Year planning

recently, "the development of Qinghai insurance industry in 13th Five-Year" plan "officially released. It is clear that by 2020, the province’s insurance depth (premium income / gross domestic product) and strive to reach 4%, insurance density (premium income / total population) and strive to reach 2500 yuan / person. Basically built to protect the comprehensive, functional, safe and robust, good faith norms, and Qinghai’s economic and social development needs to adapt to the modern insurance services.

to achieve this goal, the outline of the eight main tasks. One is the implementation of commercial insurance agency orgnaization of the province’s urban and rural residents basic medical insurance service coverage, to promote urban and rural residents basic medical insurance and medical insurance agency commissioned service, medical assistance, poverty serious supplementary insurance "integration" management mode, actively promote the personal tax preferential type of health insurance and medical insurance for urban workers in the balance of funds to buy health insurance card. Two is to expand the scope of compulsory liability insurance for environmental pollution, increase the support of insurance for the green industry. Around the peace and revitalization project, and actively develop public security insurance, community comprehensive insurance, courageous insurance business. The three is to actively integrate into the disaster relief system for accident prevention; to explore the government guidance, financial subsidies, and the combination of individual financing insurance agency operation, carried out in rural and pastoral areas housing natural disaster insurance pilot work. Four is to support the development of the province’s green organic animal husbandry, explore the establishment of insurance + poverty alleviation industry projects + credit poverty alleviation project operation mode. The five is to gradually expand the scale of export credit insurance and coverage, increase the Qinghai enterprises "going out" support; accelerate the development of Small and micro businesses credit insurance and loan guarantee insurance; actively develop personal loan guarantee insurance. The six is to increase the supply side reform of insurance products, and actively develop diversified insurance products in line with the actual situation of our province, to meet the needs of differentiated insurance needs; give full play to the role of the insurance intermediary market. Seven is to further strengthen the regulatory capacity building, strengthen risk prevention, hold the bottom line of systemic risk does not occur. Eight is to comprehensively promote the construction of the credit system of the insurance industry, enhance the awareness of the whole social insurance, the construction of high-quality personnel, strengthen the construction of insurance associations.


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