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Thrifty new wind blowing a variety of consumer hot

to implement the central, provincial and municipal regulations on improving the work style, close ties with the masses of the north region of human resources and Social Security Bureau to conduct business for the convenience of the masses, the establishment of the seats in the Hall of social security on duty, on duty by the Secretary in charge of turns, responsible for the reception of the masses, to provide policy advice and recommendations to accept the opinions of the masses, solid work, to promote the transformation of the style of work. Su Qilong Zhang Chengrui photo
"central advocate of austerity, firmly put public funds wind. Since this time, the hotel business has shrunk dramatically, many had booked the holiday gathering at the unit have also unsubscribe." The hotel catering department responsible person told the reporter, the Spring Festival in previous years, more than a month before the time, the hotel reception unit staff most of the time, various year-end banquet bursting, since after the introduction of the relevant provisions of the central, although there are some units will be held at the hotel, but the scale of the meeting venue, than before greatly "shrink", but not after arrange meals or only arrange buffet, hotel business dropped by at least 30%. Subsequently, the reporter went to several other star hotel visited found that the hotel’s business has shrunk dramatically, shrinking at least 30%.
coincides with the top-down austerity, oppose extravagance and waste to carry out activities during the Spring Festival, many hotel meal hit parity card. The guests dinner on the occasion, don’t have to do it yourself, the waiter will take the initiative to help package.The person in charge of

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