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Xining City District will create the first smile service brand in Xining

February 2nd, Xining city district administrative service center actively carry out the style, in the series of activities theme.

"turn style, in action" theme, every staff in the district administrative service center of the solemn commitment of how to be a let the masses satisfaction and trust of the administrative service center staff, the undertaking is placed in the entrance hall, accept the supervision of the masses and vigilant themselves, and making "smile satisfaction in service quality feedback center" card in the window, including, the staff service attitude, service process, service satisfaction and other matters of opinions and suggestions, guide the work of the masses by hand card into the designated opinion box, the feedback card reflected in the units and departments of the prominent problems and ordered rectification, and the rectification plan announced in the publicity column, under the supervision of the masses. At the same time, the administrative service center according to the monthly report card reflects the situation and daily assessment evaluation of "star service staff", and the evaluation results as an important basis in the year-end assessment of individuals and units, departments of the assessment levels.

Deputy director of the

city district government office Ma Liang said that the activities through the signing of goal commitment book, advice service card, making the smile in the center, warm in window service quality feedback card, evaluate the star staff, carry out special study meetings etc., and strive to build the city’s first "smile" brand.

it is understood that in the future, the district will be thorough investigation in the form of administrative service center city district staff inspectors, and the establishment of the supervision of the public telephone service, the District Commission for discipline inspection through unannounced inspections, telephone report form under the supervision of the masses. (author: LAN)


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