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Xining West District the first comprehensive publicity and western political publications issued

recently, the west district director, Party Committee Propaganda Department sponsored comprehensive publicity publications "and" west side government first officially published, this is the west region first independent management of the continuity of publicity publications.

The main positions

as the west district to strengthen publicity work, the first publication of West District Supervisor, "and" west side political quarterly issue once, is the main position of Ideological and cultural construction of the west region, the publication of the book is of epoch-making significance in the history of the development of the west area of foreign propaganda, provides a great platform for the development and prosperity of foreign exchanges and promote the work of the region, is also an effective carrier for Qinghai province’s propaganda west area social economy, the development of cultural undertakings.

"western politics and culture in Qinghai Province, and is a" comprehensive news publicity Publications Department approval and registration, registration number for the green domestic K-260 publications binding for the 16 dimensions, the application of full color copperplate printing, 50 pages or so, consists of politics news topics, a city dynamic online, western culture and the people’s livelihood grassroots, landscape, learning and thinking, the west, in 10 columns of speech. A large number of photography enthusiasts in the area of photography, in form, illustrated, covering a wide range of content.

West District Secretary Wu Tianxiao wrote the preface to the publication, "western" political and gave a high evaluation, and the future of the job requirements, one is to pay attention to the quality, establish a sense of quality, high standards and high quality to create some good brand column, around the district government center work on the work of the region and other key achievements and advanced typical propaganda, fully display the good style of cadres, make it become the important media to the West; the two is to insist on open consciousness, continuous innovation, in-depth reflection and discussion publication characteristics, given its more distinctive features of the times, to the masses the way to report, select relates to the life of the masses, multiple and interesting events; to the journals of the form, the style of the evening, The majority of members of the public about at leisure reading; three is the "west side" of the government and to stand in a strategic height, based on the overall situation, to convey the spirit of the policy interpretation and the people’s livelihood, to achieve the purpose of preaching tuition FAQ, to visitors to spread the Party committee and government decision-making, the people’s voice, and strive to achieve the propaganda of the mainstream, inheritance Hirosawa, spiritual civilization, Writings are for conveying truth. (author: Ma Zhanyu)

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