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The county level two NPC general election committee held its second meeting

12 2 July, the county level two NPC general election committee second meeting held in Xining conference, conscientiously implement the spirit of the speech wangguosheng, summed up the two county level NPC general election. Provincial People’s Congress party secretary, deputy director Mu Dongsheng speech, deputy secretary of the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee, Deputy Director Su Ning presided over the meeting, the members of the exchange.

Mu Dongsheng pointed out that the province’s 43 counties (cities, districts) and 365 Township People’s Congress election of the successful completion of the work, has made significant achievements, to further enhance the sense of election voters, further optimize the structure of representative, county leadership team to further enhance the overall function. The county and Township People’s congresses election work has accumulated valuable experience, which adhere to the leadership of the party is to ensure that full democracy is the basis, strictly according to the law is the principle, carefully organize the implementation elements, serious discipline is the guarantee, in-depth propaganda is the starting point, and collaboration is thrust.

Mu Dongsheng, seriously study and understand, and implement the spirit of the speech in the provinces, wangguosheng director of the county people’s Congress Standing Committee of the forum, with a more enterprising spirit and full of passion for work, forge ahead, to consolidate the election results, I promote a solid work and the construction of the provincial people’s Congress, for the construction of beautiful rich civilized and harmonious new Qinghai play the role of the National People’s congress.

Su Ning stressed that the general election made gratifying achievements in the history of Qinghai, wrote a solemn and glorious. To do a good job of summing up, these good style, good experience, good practice, good measures, summed up good, good inheritance, good, good promotion.


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