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Xining condolences to the Muslim poor

July 23rd, the Red Cross, the public complaints commission, Chengdong District Red Cross, East District Public Complaints Bureau in Dongguan mosque, held by Muslim condolences to poor families as the main content of "promoting national unity, fraternity and xiadou" into the temple city’s Muslim condolences condolences activities, poor households 500 households, issuing condolences supplies worth 245 thousand yuan, sent to the party and the government’s care for poor Muslim masses. City leaders Gao Yumei, Tong Wang, and Zhang Ying attended the event.

Good social fashion

the condolences activities aimed at promoting poverty alleviation, helpfulness, promoting national unity, build a harmonious society, to create advanced areas of national unity and progress, guide the majority of Muslim compatriots carry forward the fine tradition of patriotism, deepen the "four identity" and "three cannot do without thinking, and all ethnic groups of the city fusion of unity, to actively participate in the national civilized city and national unity and progress of advanced areas and other activities. The Red Cross, East District Red Cross always based on their own work, give full play to their own advantages, gather a wide range of power of humanity, love and Society for vulnerable groups, the Muslim poor people to do practical things, to promote national unity, promoting the common prosperity of all ethnic groups, to make a positive contribution to the building of a harmonious society.


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