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Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee held an enlarged meeting to study and implement the

8 26, the provincial people’s Congress held an enlarged meeting of the Party committee, to convey the spirit of the study and implementation of general secretary Xi Jinping visited the Qinghai Provincial Committee and the Standing Committee meeting. Deputy Secretary of the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee, deputy director Deng Bentai presided over the meeting and the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee to implement the deployment of the work. Standing committee member, deputy director Ma Wei, Cao Hong, all Party members and cadres to participate in the meeting.

the meeting stressed that the provincial people’s Congress Party organizations at all levels and all the party members and cadres to study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi visited Qinghai during an important speech as the primary political task, grasping learning, grasping implement, implement, promote the work of the NPC high level in the spirit of the speech. First, we must learn to understand the essence of the spirit and the core meaning of work, see results. Party organizations at all levels should deeply understand and accurately grasp the general secretary of our province undertakings made new achievements and fully affirmed the work of Qinghai put forward the "four major solid" requirements, accurate positioning of Qinghai development direction and focus, to ensure that the spirit of the speech and the provincial implementation of major decisions to deploy. Two to promote the work of the NPC work, see results. Focus on the General Secretary Xi’s "four solid" major requirements, consciously put the work of the NPC on the province’s overall work plan to advance the hot issues of key and difficult problems and people’s attention focus in the economic and social development, adhere to the problem oriented in the NPC legislation, supervision, decision and representative work, the innovative method, perfect mechanism, strengthen coordination, fine legislation, supervision, accurate precise force, give full play to the leading role in promoting legislation and supervision support role, on behalf of the bridge. Three to promote the overall strict party to strengthen their own efforts, see results. Two party to strictly enforce the rules of procedure of party meeting, the full implementation of strict responsibility, do it really really strict, dare dare tube tube, long length of Yan yan. Party committees and departments should strictly abide by the party’s political discipline and political rules, and continue to further promote the "two learning and doing" learning and education, and effectively strengthen the party building. Two party members should set an example for the majority of Party members and cadres. All Party members and cadres should take the lead to enhance political awareness, overall awareness, awareness, awareness of the core line, forge ahead, always maintain high spirited work enthusiasm, promote the provincial people’s Congress and agencies work continuously made new progress.


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