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Sunning Plaza will be a modern cultural buildings

in order to further optimize the layout of the surrounding environment of the Plaza, improve the level of public cultural services, the province’s Library (two), cultural centers, art museum project has recently started construction. After the completion of the project, will be formed in the south side of the cultural plaza.

it is understood that, at present, the "three center" project has completed the preliminary design review and approval, planning, environmental impact assessment, land pre-trial, energy assessment, project approval, supervision and construction bidding and other preparatory work and "three in one", the construction site enclosure, trees transplantation construction preparation. Three museum project approved a total construction area of 33 thousand square meters, with a total investment of 264 million yuan. Among them, the new library (two) construction area of 12 thousand square meters, including digital library, reading room, reader self-study area; the new museum building area of 8 thousand square meters, including rehearsal hall, activity room, public space; the new museum building area of 11 thousand square meters, the main exhibition hall, including the report hall, room reservation; three Hall common underground garage construction area of 2 thousand square meters. "Three" project by the province on behalf of the construction project office on behalf of the building, the Chinese Architectural Design Institute, Zhejiang construction engineering group construction, Gansu construction engineering supervision company, plans to be delivered in September 2015. (author: Fang Xu)


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