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The Qinghai situation in Northwest The opening ceremony of the thirteenth Lake Race

In July 5th, Xining lake lake new stadium stadium stage, belongs to all the people who love sports.

distance from the thirteenth session of the opening ceremony of the Qinghai Lake international road cycling race, there is an hour, the stadium has been a sea of people outside the sea, people enjoy talking about this event, lined up waiting for admission.

the opening ceremony of the next stage, member of Qinghai bicycle association are doing the final rehearsal before the game, their tight sportswear, prominently printed: "cycling, healthy life". They are most proud of is the lake race to become a big stage without restrictions, it belongs to professional athletes, also belong to the amateur, has no age, identity, geographical differences, at this stage, everyone will have a healthy and happy, fashion, environmental protection!

ten o’clock, the official opening ceremony.

in conjunction with melody, stage background screen, the whirling wheels from the rippling Qinghai Lake rapidly approaching, the opening scene of poetry "to ·"; Lake Race beautiful poem opened the show. The lake race a touching picture, a group of wonderful scenes, scenes of the sprint moment, the moment is coming, every one in which or stay out of the audience, all in the pursuit of the most wonderful dream start in the moment.

a group of dancers in the song "Qinghai dream" moving melody accompanied by dancing, enjoyable, the song "welcome to Qinghai," the rhythm of the passion of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau played a welcome song. The enthusiasm of the audience was ignited, people seem to have forgotten whether he is an actor or an audience, whether on stage or in taiwan. They applauded again and again, go from the bottom of my heart burst into cheers, the way to youth dialogue with the world, with the straightforward language make the world moved.

because the lake race, the country and the people of the world, again and again to look at the Qinghai. In the course of more than a dozen years to pursue the lake race, Lake race has slowly become a complex, carrying the passion and vision of the people of Qinghai, to move forward towards a better tomorrow of a happy life!

"green hills, blue sea, spinner wheel race heroic, distant Qinghai, singing all the way to the world……" The game theme song "Qinghai love" cheerful melody telling the growth process of the lake race, the audience’s thoughts into a broader picture of the old boatman sounded on the shore of the Yellow River, Lake Race wheels through the rippling Qinghai lake, the hometown of colorful Gansu came flying into. The picturesque scenery of Jiangnan, a thousand ride Benz, friendship bloom Lake race through the magnificent picture gradually surfaced in front of people.

at the moment, the audience burst into applause, cheers for the lake race, is cheering for Qinghai, but for the green Gansu provinces in the sincere cooperation of applause. As a race held in ethnic minority areas, the race around the pool of the Northwest Ethnic friendship, one after another into a strong ethnic characteristics of the region, so that the northwest;

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