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Xining drainage scarred

this year, Xining city flood prevention and Drainage Department staff said that although the relevant departments prepare for flood control, but because of the provincial capital part of the drainage pipe network aging, coupled with the increasing volume of city drainage, the drainage work situation is still grim. If the drainage facilities have been damaged, encountered heavy rain, there will still be the phenomenon of Road area of water. Recently, the reporter with the Xining drainage company staff on the drainage pipe network inspection found that the provincial capital destruction of drainage facilities, sewage chaos abnormal phenomenon.

– manhole covers bring many problems

Shangri-La Road, a few covers disappeared." Nanshan Road, a residential area without drainage manhole cover." On the morning of May 4th, Xining water 110 drainage center phone rang non-stop, of which the 4 phone is the public to reflect the problem of manhole covers stolen.

received a report, water 110 drainage center director Yang Hua immediately rushed to Shangri-La road view. Reporters saw on the road in Shangri-La, spacious, smooth on both sides of the road, everywhere can see a big drain wells. "We can not change the cover for now. Not long ago, we replaced a total of 158 sets of covers on this road, but only after half a month, there are no more than 85 sets of covers." Yang Hua pointed to the drainage well cover reluctantly said, "because the composite material manhole cover is easy to car rolling bad, we can only use the iron manhole cover in the main traffic road, although previously often covers were stolen, but they are in urban high, but is minor, now not only to steal the city, and increasing the size of the theft." He said that the stolen covers not only easily lead to accidents, but also because of falling into a lot of garbage, blocking the drainage pipeline, resulting in poor drainage, once encountered rain weather, it is prone to surface water problems.

according to the Xining municipal drainage management office responsible person, after the Spring Festival this year, the drainage company has replaced the 520 sets of drain covers, material fee only one has invested 20 million yuan. Affected by financial resources, there are still many manhole cover can not be replaced in a timely manner.

– drainage facilities repeatedly damaged

due to repeated destruction of the drainage pipe network, drainage maintenance personnel had to be on duty 24 hours, repair drainage network. At noon on May 4th, when many people at noon, Yang Hua and his comrades who are rushing in the city streets and lanes.

11:50 Xu, water 110 drainage center received a report from the public, said the Sea west red Yanan restaurant will be discharged into the sewage water wells. Less than 6 minutes, Yang Hua rushed to the West sea. The red Yanan restaurant has a smooth surface and no traces of excavation. Yang Hua pulled a hook from the car on the roadside, one by one to open the sewage wells and water wells view. He was shocked when he opened a sewage well, and there was a pipe in the middle of the well. The bottom of the well was covered with a thick layer of oil and dirt.

asked the restaurant owner whether or not to do;

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