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ncrease support for leading Chu Jiang jichai engineering efforts

attended the four session of the twelve CPPCC National Committee members of our Province Ren Qing Jia, Ma Zhiwei submitted to the General Assembly on the support of leading Chu (Jiang) preparatory work jichai project proposal.

bill, the Qaidam Basin per square kilometer of water production is far below the national level, the regional water resources and mineral resources and land resources distribution and economic and social development does not match the layout, has become one of our province and the country’s most drought areas. With the Qaidam circular economy pilot area to speed up the construction and development, the contradiction of water shortage will become more and more prominent, water shortage has become a bottleneck restricting the development of circular economy.

said the proposal, in order to solve the water shortage problem in long-term Qaidam region fundamentally, and enhance the service function of South to North Water Diversion Project in Qinghai, the reasonable utilization of the Yangtze River Basin rich in water resources, the Qinghai provincial government proposed to carry out the "Chu JDEC" project, to meet the people and livestock industrial water and drinking water in Chaidamu area and part of the agricultural water and ecological water supply, provide an important guarantee for sustainable development of the local economy and society, at the same time to ensure the water does not affect the ecological environment of water points. Therefore, suggested that the relevant state ministries support cited Chu (Jiang) jichai project preparatory work.


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