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drink coffee to start a business

Yao Jiangjun is a graduate student majoring in computing, Peking University, and is different from the usual, this summer he did not return home and family reunion in Shandong, two. Recently, he and two friends wrote a smart mobile phone application of real time query traffic, three people are going to like their idol Steve · Jobs, in order to create a belongs to own technology company.

Yao Jiangjun every day to 3W coffee, is located in the core area of Beijing, Zhongguancun, many of the famous IT company, all its neighbors. From sina to the south, or new westbound, can be an easy job to do to see it eye-catching "3W" logo. In the glass door, the graffiti technique to draw the full Google (micro-blog), Youku, Alibaba and other well-known Internet Co funny logo.

only look, you can easily think this is a bit "Wen Qing" color, provide entertainment for the majority of ordinary cafes of Zhongguancun IT workers. But in fact, this is the Longmen Inn of an Internet world, in addition to the IT elite, here also includes the Internet Co executives, achieve success and win recognition of the venture capital China able to perform wonders of Jobs and Zuckerberg were chiefs, and have entrepreneurial dreams.

3W in the end is what, I am afraid it is difficult to have an accurate definition. How to make yourself successful? The Internet circles cattle people called 3W "technology incubator" in the cafe coat, angel investors and venture capitalists is that here is "good place" for the project, the media called it "China YCombinator (American venture company), and one of its founders Bao Chunhua said," we just want to make it a public institution to help all people to achieve the dream of entrepreneurial dreams".

6 20 July, Bao Chunhua in 3W  than usual but also busy, because this afternoon, popular abroad Sw  ype slideit will hold China first conference here. Bao Chunhua served in the Tencent and Sohu both work for a long time, is a qualified "Internet veteran", but as 3W’s founder and boss, this conference has made her a little confused.

"I am now entrepreneurs, now what I have to get the coffee shop. Including communication with the press conference and staff, debugging the lighting sound, of course, to prepare coffee." Bao Chunhua told the Economic Information Daily reporter

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