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Xining illegal sewage companies said

as of September 4th, the number of days to reach the national standard two days in Xining accounted for only about 48% of the total number of effective monitoring, the urgent need to control air pollution. September 5th, the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau invited nearly 50 key areas of emission enterprises, air pollution prevention and control of the convening of a special meeting, requiring companies to strengthen their supervision, control and reduce emissions.

emissions from industrial enterprises, is one of the main causes of air pollution in Xining. In order to ensure the comprehensive management of air pollution is not going through the field, in the future, the city of Xining key industrial enterprises to implement 24 hours of monitoring and management, to ensure the stability of pollutants discharge standards. Excessive emissions of enterprises, issued a deadline for rectification or governance tasks and be punished accordingly. At the same time, supervise the implementation of corporate governance and the rectification of air pollution comprehensive work on illegal discharge, for non normal use of pollution control facilities of the enterprise, will resolutely implement high penalties and social exposure. The efficiency is not high, aging equipment, backward technology of waste gas treatment facilities, issued a deadline or the deadline rectification task did not complete the corresponding task of governance or governance is still not up to the requirements of relevant standards of the government shut down. (author: Zhao Junjie)

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