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ntroduction of detailed rules of Xining parking lot management

according to the "Xining city parking lot management measures", the municipal government "on further promoting the city fine management opinions" (Trial), recently, the city developed parking lot management implementation details, to further clarify the parking lot management responsibility and authority, and fees based on the parking lot and temporary parking and parking rates setting.

parking management functions transferred to the district:

according to the regulations, the municipal administrative department of transportation will be handed over to the parking lot management functions of the district government, the district take the area of parking lot planning, construction management, the area responsible for all kinds of parking lot to reach the parking order, approach into position requirements.

* differentiated rate control parking demand:

Development and Reform Commission, the price department will be in

should be fully based on the research, and the development of parking lot fees timely adjust, according to city centers than in outlying areas of the city, the road above the road outside the ground above the ground, the principle, take the difference between the rate regulation of parking demand and parking resources, reasonably determine the different models, different parking time parking rates. Public security traffic management departments will be combined with the comprehensive management of the District Urban Management Department of road vehicles Luantingluanfang, guarantee the smooth road parking lot; planning department is responsible for the overall planning and controlling detailed planning work, according to city planning standards with the construction of parking lot.

Road Temporary parking by standard:

set up temporary parking in the road, according to the relevant national standard parking line and set up a unified parking signs. Temporary parking lot marking by the public security traffic department unified planning. Various types of parking signs and public signs in accordance with the unified style by the district classification number, unified production. Parking signs shall clearly indicate the type of parking, the number of berths, the basis for the standard of charges and the time of use of the berth. Other temporary parking management should also be strictly implemented.

parking spaces must be open to the public:

parking lot open to the public parking service, to set up eye-catching, unified parking lot signage in the parking lot entrance, and configure the fire fighting equipment complete; strict implementation of parking fees, the implementation of price tag, using a unified bill; and shall not engage in illegal activities in the parking lot. (author: Xiao Yu)