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During the Spring Festival ETC pass tips

Reporters from the Qinghai Provincial Highway Construction Management Bureau was informed that during the Spring Festival 7 below (including 7) the specific time mini bus toll free highway: February 7th (EVE) zero began, to February 13th (the beginning of the six lunar month) end of 24 points, a total of 7 days of free time. Toll free time, the vehicle away from the highway exit toll lane time shall prevail.

executives Provincial Bureau staff to remind the driver of the vehicle, during the Spring Festival, driving on the highway, such as after ETC need to pay attention to the following items: free period, small bus lanes or ETC lanes through manual entry and exit speed can normally enjoy free access policy. After the end of the free, ETC customers access to high-speed ETC lanes, will write a new entry information, automatically cover an entrance information, and the normal toll collection at the exit.

warm tip:

* ETC customers are advised to access high speed in the ETC lane. In Fujian, Chongqing, Guizhou, Gansu, Ningxia, five provinces, such as from the ETC lane into the high speed, high speed out of the artificial lane, will not cause a complete transaction. So, once again access to high-speed entrance, the vehicle will be intercepted by the card on the card after the manual reset processing can be used normally.

from the artificial Lane please leave from the artificial lane. Free period from the artificial road into the high-speed, until after the end of free, out of the highway must also be out of the driveway.


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